“Let them praise His name in the dance:  let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel and harp”
Psalm 149:3

The dance ministry uses the art of dance to glorify God, enhance praise & worship and reach the lost.  As dancers we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to prepare an atmosphere of worship to God.  We use many varieties of dance including hip-hop, ballet, interpretive, jazz, modern and prophetic to “bring to life” the words of a song and deliver a message to the hearts of the people.

“Dancing 4 Him” provides an environment where adults and children as young as 3 years old, both male and female, can use dance as an expression of worship and evangelism.  You do not need prior dance experience to join.

For more information contact Colleen Axelrod at coll3mom(at)aol(dot)com.